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Let’s color Kiev!

Mother of Russian culture, Kiev is a city of a thousand faces: vital and modern, from the great avenues dedicated to shopping, the Ukrainian capital enchants for the beauty of its famous churches, that of Santa Sofia and that of San Michele. A quiet walk to discover its squares, following the traces left by Soviet history, and a pleasant trip on the river Dnepr are among the favorite activities by tourists and by the inhabitants themselves. Because of its historical and cultural importance, Kiev is the chosen stage for our second book.

You have already had the good fortune to visit Kiev with your son and would you like to have a special memory of the places where you have walked carefree? Or will Kiev really be the destination of your next trip and in the meantime are you both curious to know its artistic and historical richness? In any case, the coloring book of ‘A Mondo Mio’ is the one for you and your son! Enjoy coloring the images of the monuments and the most important streets, relive the magic of the past experience or dream of the beauty of a city that awaits you with open arms!
Whether it’s memories or plans for the future, ‘A Mondo Mio’ takes you on a unique and endless journey.