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The editorial project« a mondo mio» is a series of colouring books, postcards and posters about different cities of the world.

We want to give a child the opportunity to become the protagonist of the book exploring the most beautiful places in the world, seeing and learning how recognize the historical and architectural monuments, colouring them in their own way.

We want to stimulate creativity and imagination, giving the possibility to color without indications and limits in colors, so as to bringout the deepest emotions.

To illustrate our books we use the author’s drawings that make them particular and unique. We were able to find the right balance between maintaining authenticity of the place and making them funny and cheerful.

Let’s give our children the possibility to improve this world. Let’s develop their fantasy and their creative skills to allow them to build their future.



I’m Iryna, the founder of ‘A mondo mio’, a project based on my biggest passion: travelling around the world.
Since my son was born I found it almost impossible to get souvenirs suitable for him and his curiosity. I have a degree in publishing affairs and I’m interested in psychology, that’s how I found the solution of this problem: making children leads of society by creating a series of colouring books and products. Infact, I think the best way to make the world a better place is giving to the new generations the instruments they need to take care of Earth’s beauty. Frontiers and limits are abolished here: the only language we speak is that of colours!



I’m Silvia and I’ve been chosen for creating A Mondo Mio’s products’ illustrations. Drawing has always been important to me, but it became my job’s domain just three years ago. I got in contact with this project and its founder thanks to word of mouth and, above all, to the people I work with. I draw and paint everyday, I could not imagine my life in a different way. The best way to create illustrations for children is going beyond virtuosity and going straight to the concept, the idea…by making irony too! Drawings should cause emotions, no matter what kind of.
All my drawings are freehand-made, without technological supports: a free choice, but… who knows the future!
The synergy we work with in this project is a model of power for me: everyone can go far, but only by working together you can be walking on clouds.



I’m Elena and I’m involved in the graphics management. I became aware of this project by chance, a chit-chat, some shared ideas and I found myself in the team. We get on very well, even if we often think differently. The secret is always listening to each other: communication helps me thinking outside the box, for me it is very important to have feedback about what I work on, because I think that going straight on our own way without measuring ourselves with other people’s mind prevents us from improving our work. The hardest stuff? Thinking and creating as children do! We all forgot how to do it and regaining our childhood’s thoughts seems impossible! We must get the hang of acting like them. Expressing ourselves without rules, that’s the solution!