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a mondo mio

We of A my world believe in the power of colors, but above all we believe in the abilities and potentials of children: a combination of sensational results, because it is letting the little ones express their emotions with pencils and felt-tip pens that the world becomes a better place . There are no limits to the imagination, because all our products, from books to postcards to color, as well as growing in them the curiosity and love for art and history, are designed specifically to make sure that freedom the children are exploited to the fullest: it is not a question of entrusting them with responsibilities that are too great, but of guiding them to discover themselves and the passions that, growing up, make them people aware of their role in the world.
The editorial project ‘A mondo mio’ is born from love for our planet and its beauty, especially the artistic and historical of big cities: by coloring them, children will learn a lot about the places they have visited or will visit with parents and relatives, and choosing a design and the right colors will be an opportunity to spend some time together. Choose to give your children the tools to grow with a smile and trust in a more colorful and peaceful future, join the community of ‘A my world’ and start creating YOUR WORLD!